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Case study: Ativa Investimentos

“The BRITech system is easy to learn, easy to use and allows us to grow the number of customers without increasing the back-up team.”

Raul Meyer

Focus on investments with performance capacity

ATIVA started the project in June / 2013 and after two years of work using the BRITech platform, the quality of services provided to the clients improved the team was reduced.

Today, the structure of ACTIVA is half that size compared to 2013. This was made possible through the promotion of the best professionals and the replacement of quantity by quality in the team.

BRITech technology helped the process increasing the level of automation and generating scalability of the company – they were able to attract more customers, improve the level of service without increasing the back-up team.

The Challenge

The positioning of Ativa for retail is to be the best quality CTVM, best product portfolio, providing good service with the best technology. For this, BRITech was one of the chosen IT partners.

The Client

ATIVA Investimentos is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the market and currently has five offices in Brazil.


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