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Case study: CA Indosuez

“We emphasize the quality of the product and the knowledge of the analysts, which facilitates the understanding of needs and eventual problems. The team is agile when the challenge is about to find solutions and support users.”

Fábio de Aguiar Faria
Executive Director

Quality and security in the distribution of funds

The choice of the BRITech passive module to be used in the Back Office area of CA INDOSUEZ was influenced by security through segregation of functions and processing speed.

The deployment process was fairly smooth. There was a mapping of the needs, especially the integration with the customer consolidation system, used by the commercial area, the schedule was detailed and accompanied by Britech PMO – Atlas TAS left the processing of the positions and movements of the funds more agile and safe.

Positive Factors

  • • Product quality (safety, performance and reliability).
  • • User interface simplicity.
  • • Experienced team.
  • • Proactivity in solving problems.
The Challenge

The need of a system for processing the applications and redemptions and Distribution of Funds of third-party investments by Account and Order.

The Client

CA INDOSUEZ is basically dedicated to the management of investment funds and third-party resources for the private banking segment, being a company 100% controlled by the Crédit Agricole Group – France. The activity of third-party asset management began in December 1998 with the launch of its fixed income and variable income investment funds.


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