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“Anyone who does not have a complete solution like BRITech covering processes, mitigating risk, generating efficiency and bringing security to growth will not survive”

Paulo Marchi
Managing Partner

Thousands of portfolios and funds on & off-shore

After an exhaustive selection process that lasted 6 months and involved about 11 Vendors, GPS signed a partnership with BRITech because of decisive factors like the quality of the executive / operational team and the fact that BRITech was the only Vendor to offer a complete solution Front to Back that allowed to implement an STP (Straight Through Processing) process. The modern, modular and scalable architecture of the BRITech platform will support the growth of GPS in the coming years without the need to increase the operational team.

Positive Factors

  • • BRITech’s solution is very user-friendly, it has up-to-date functionality to market and regulatory requirements, as well as superior performance and response time leading to a nearly 90% reduction in processing times.
  • • After the implementation of the BRITech solution, improvements in the processes that brought great efficiency gains were possible.
  • • The quality and commitment of the BRITech team allocated to the implementation was fundamental to the success of the project.
The Challenge

GPS was looking for a partner who could provide a solution that would generate value for the customer and provide efficiency gains. The first phase of the project went into production and 2 systems have already been replaced. The next phase will allow the replacement of 4 other systems besides auxiliary worksheets.

The Client

GPS is the largest Multi-Family Office in Brazil, controlling thousands of wallets and hundreds of on / off-shore funds.


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