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Case: Zest Capital

“BRITech is able to support both Zest’s current business and future vision of expanding to other Latin American countries”

Arthur Silva
co-fundador and CEO of Zest Capital

Functional coverage as differential

Following an assessment process with several Latin American providers, Zest Capital chose BRITech’s platform as its core system, covering Front to Back activities. BRITech platform was chosen due of its functional scope, as well as being capable of supporting either Zest’s current business or its expansion to other Latin American countries. BRITech has the ability to serve a large volume of customers, with commercial flexibility associated with the product and the deployment project.

Positive Factors

  • • Broad scope and functional coverage.
  • • Ability to serve multiple regions of Latin America.
  • • Seniority of professionals involved in localization and implementation.
Achieved Results

  • • The implementation project took 4 months, including the adjustments to handle Peru financial instruments and taxes.

  • About the Customer

    Zest Capital is a FinTech Wealth Management Company with the mission of democratizing private-wealth management services in Latin America.
    Company based in Lima-Peru, currently has about 1.800 affluent customers, 80% coming from 150 freelance agents.
    Target to reach 3.000 customers in 12 months.

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