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  • Enterprises


    Firms such as custodians, brokers and outsourcing companies are always seeking ways to help their clients, financial advisers and asset managers be more successful. Many are increasingly turning to technology as a way of differentiating their services. Pivolt can be a valuable partner in helping to make that difference.

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  • Family Office

    Family Office

    In a connected world, it is imperative to have modern, scalable and flexible solutions in order to fulfill all the needs required from demanding family members.

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  • Wealth & Family

    Wealth & Family

    Um grande desafio para as áreas operacionais de Wealth managers e Family offices é a defasagem com o qual eles recebem informações de posição e movimento de instituições financeiras. É comum encontrar gerentes operando com base apenas em suas próprias planilhas de projeção.

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