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AQUA Wealth Management

“BRITech competed with 3 systems, but from the start they came to the conclusion that BRITech would be the best system in all aspects, from cost to robustness”

Fernanda Martins
Director Risk & Compliance

BRITech contributes to increased productivity and process optimization at AQUA Wealth Management

AQUA Wealth Management is an asset management company based in São Paulo that offers wealth management services to clients with assets above R$20 million.

Managing more than 20 exclusive funds and showing accelerated growth, AQUA decided to improve its processes, hiring a specialized consultancy to identify solutions in the market which would be the most appropriate system to support the company’s new moment, eliminating the use of Excel spreadsheets and improving control and administrator monitoring.

“BRITech competed with 3 systems, but from the beginning they reached the conclusion that BRITech would be the best system in all aspects, from cost to robustness” declares Fernanda Martins, Risk & Compliance Director, the reason that led to AQUA opt for the BRITech solution.

Today, BRITech’s solution covers more than 30 different use cases, providing a high level of front-to-back automation, particularly in relation to portfolio management and reporting, as well as offering operational scalability, supporting all of AQUA’s needs.

As a result of the solution provided, the customer highlights several improvements such as:

  • Better admin monitoring
  • Effective system processing
  • Faster and more reliable internal portfolio reporting
  • Greater speed in making customer reports
  • Time optimization as BRITech has great alignment with the administrator or custodian

Furthermore, Fernanda highlights the power of the solution and the importance of the support she receives from BRITech: “Currently, the BRITech solution is an extremely powerful system, with a series of capabilities that cover the entire process […] our level of satisfaction has quadrupled in having a customer success manager (CSM) monitoring the company’s day-to-day activities, playing a key role as a facilitator and showing that there is a world of capabilities within the system” she concludes.

With an innovative and complete portfolio of products and services for the investment management market, BRITech serves various segments of the ecosystem. In addition, it was internationally recognized among the top ten investment management solutions providers in the UK and one of the top 50 innovative companies of 2020, according to the American magazine The CEO Views. It has global operations with offices in major countries in Latin America, North America and Europe.

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