BRITech - Components


Making investment management simpler and faster

Our components can run standalone or together. They can be integrated with your current system.

We will build the required interfaces.

  • Pivolt Portal

    This is our full-featured client dashboard and reporting portal.

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  • Pivolt Billing

    In today’s market, billing is no longer a simple process.

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  • Pivolt CRM

    This is our component for Client Relationship Management.

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  • Pivolt Desk

    PivoltDesk is a surprisingly simple, yet powerful, solution to manage all of your clients’ investments.

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  • Pivolt Front

    This is our real time Front-Office solution, designed with ease-of-use in mind.

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  • Pivolt Market Risk

    Pivolt MARKET RISK is a Risk Platform for Assets/Wealth Managers

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Let our platform digitize your business

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