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Pivolt Billing

In today’s market, billing is no longer a simple process.

Clients are demanding more clarity and detail on the price of services provided by the adviser. This critical function can become time consuming and error prone.

PivoltBilling provides a highly flexible, automated solution for billing. Our component allows for the calculation of fees according to different formulas and at varying levels of services provided. It can also be integrated with 3rd party portfolio accounting systems.

Key features include:
  • Create billing structures, including daily, average, in advance, and arrears.
  • Select performance fee calculation – High-Water Mark, Hurdles, Benchmark comparison.
  • Select setting for the portfolio’s computing base – Gross Asset Value, Net Asset Value, Portfolio Value.
  • Exclude from calculation basis by asset or group of assets.
  • Complete billing scheduler – allows the setup of fixed periodic fees or minimum/maximum payments.
  • Flexibility to set recurring expenses.

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