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Pivolt Desk

PivoltDesk is a surprisingly simple, yet powerful, solution to manage all of your clients’ investments.

This is our flexible and straightforward portfolio accounting component. The portfolio accounting database is the repository containing all the vital information, current and historical, associated with a clients’ holdings, including positions, transactions, cost and market valuations, gains and losses.

PivoltDesk can serve as the repository for data received from a 3rd party, e.g. custodian, or can be a standalone system maintained by the office. This approach could serve to double check the valuation and NAV (Net Asset Value) computed by the custodians and/or to provide clients’ with earlier reporting before the data is delivered by the custodians.

Key features include:
  • Comprehensive portfolio management, embracing several types of asset classes.
  • Corporate actions for bonds, funds and stocks.
  • Non-financial assets handling, such as real estate.
  • Innovative funds look-through.
  • Flexible fixed income support, including inflation-linked bonds and step-up rates.
  • Different types of structured notes.
  • Multi currency reporting, including nominal and currency gains & losses.
  • Futures and options.
  • Risk measures, such as Sharpe, Sortino, volatility, Tracking error.
  • Short sales/stock loans, including fees.
  • Composite performance calculations.

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