BRITech - Pivolt Front


Pivolt Front

This is our real time Front-Office solution, designed with ease-of-use in mind.

Designed to operate standalone or integrated with other Pivolt components. Our product embodies a true IBOR (Investment Book of Record) concept. With robust rebalancing and compliance monitoring features included, Pivolt Front streamlines and simplifies your entire trade process.

Key features include:
  • IBOR, real time positions, cash-flow, Profit & Loss.
  • Complete orders workflow – registration/approval/transference/process.
  • Portfolio compliance monitoring in real-time.
  • Coverage of multiple asset types (equities, fixed income, funds, derivatives).
  • Automatic rebalancing across instruments.
  • Custom hierarchical structures for any dimensional view (strategy, book, category, industry, issuer).

Let our platform digitize your business

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