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Pivolt Portal

This is our full-featured client dashboard and reporting portal.

Pivolt Portal delivers information on client portfolio performance, transactions, cost and market values, charts, graphs, and several other possible information and formats.

It can be tailored to suit the client through custom columns, user-defined layouts and specifications. Our portal is integrated to PivoltDesk, but can also be integrated to 3rd party portfolio accounting systems if needed.

Key features include:
  • Clean layout for client with flexibility to add sections and change columns.
  • Numerous data options, including graphs, when composing a dashboard – allocations, absolute and comparative performance, risk measures, trades, holdings, gains & losses.
  • Performance evaluation methods – Time-Weighed-Return, IRR, Modified Dietz.
  • Blended benchmarks for portfolio performance comparison.
  • Unlimited hierarchical portfolio views for household structure; break down portfolio into sub-portfolio views.
  • WYSIWYG reports – dashboard data exportable to PDF and XLS files with same display layout.
  • Flexible branding with option to include client’s color palette and logo.
  • Full mobile support.
  • Built-in mail shooter to send or schedule report mailings to a group of clients.
  • Dashboard vault to enable managing public and private client information in a single secured place.
  • Webchat to communicate instantly with investors.

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