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Case study: Icatu Vanguarda

“We chose BRITech as our technology partner because they have an experienced team and we know we can count on the team at any time”

Marcelo Coutinho
Operations Manager

+120 funds managed by a compact team

YMF customer since 1991, after analyzing several national and international suppliers, Icatu selected BRITech in January / 2015. Exceeding the operational team’s expectations the system went into production in less than 30 days. The system is in full production and Icatu plans to acquire additional modules from the Atlas Investment Management platform of BRITech.

Positive Factors

  • • Lean and scalable operational team with one Manager and two Analysts who control more than 120 funds.
  • • The product is easy to use and have a great processing speed (processing time dropped 90% – reduced from over 2 hours to less than 15 minutes).
  • • The total cost of IT has been reduced with the implementation of the system in the cloud.
  • • Reports accessing the YMF database to consult information from previous years.
  • • Rules of management and regulatory framework (CVM555 / 558) implemented in production.
  • • Market Data – the entire data capture process from various public sources is automated without the intervention of the operational team.
The Challenge

Icatu was looking for a partner that could provide an agile, easy-to-use, fast and scalable system in addition to an experienced Financial Market Customer Service team that could be accessed at any time.

The Client

Icatu Vanguarda Gestão de Recursos is the company of the Icatu Seguros group dedicated solely to asset management. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, it manages a complete family of funds that serve a variety of investor profiles.


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BRITech - Icatu Vanguarda