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Anglo Andino Group

“Pivolt has been perfect for our needs. The system is extremely versatile to run our portfolios which include both listed and alternative investments. Every time we’ve had a requirement Pivolt´s customer support and engineers are there right away to assist us.”

David Simsilevich

Robust system. Quick support.

Portfolio accounting and reporting is an important aspect of AAG N.A. operation and now they are supported by a robust system and a great team of professionals. Pivolt´s team has the technical knowledge in finance and computer programming that is necessary to get the job done.

The Challenge

Anglo Andino Group N.A. needed a versatile platform to run the portfolios which include both listed and alternative investments with quick and technical support.

The Customer

Anglo Andino Group (AAG) is a fiduciary firm specializing in private equity, administration, and structured finance solutions.

AAG focuses on investments across traditional and alternative asset classes, and develops innovative structures designed to meet the evolving needs in today’s global environment.

The Solution


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