Trade Order Management

Trade Blotter, Real Time Positions & Cashflow, Rebalancing, Compliance

Automatically updated market data. Analyze your portfolios of funds, consolidating, in real time, the positions of the managers.

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SaaS Investment Management with a Difference

Integration to Financial Sources
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API Layer Integration

Use Cases

What we can do for your business needs

Complete orders workflow – registration / approval / transference / process

Automatic rebalancing instruments

Portfolio compliance monitoring in real-time

Custom hierarchical structures for any dimensional view (strategy, book, category, industry, issuer)

Follow your strategies results from a dashboard or through the reports it generates

Automatically updated market data

Headlines and Industry Insights

From BRITech and our partners

Market 11/11/2019

Robo-Advisors and its expectations

Neither one thing nor the other - this new approach has the potential to change the landscape of investment
Standard 24/04/2020

How Investment Managers Can Guide Their Clients Through Market Volatility

The Coronavirus has caused an extreme economic fallout that no one could have anticipated. Despite this, panic and anxiety
Market 11/11/2019

Considerations on stocks

Given the tiresome discussion of the best method to evaluate the purchase - or sale - of a stock,
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Trade Order Management Market Standards

Coverage of multiple asset types (equities, fixed income, funds, derivatives). IBOR, real time positions, cash-flow, Profit & Loss. Allow full integration with main brokers beyond Fix Protocols.

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