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BRITech expands its distribution franchise channel and reaches Latin America

Por Yuryi Ferber on

In mid-2018, BRITech made a selective process to expand its distribution channel and reach Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). After a few months, it struck a deal with Finnerve to offer BRITECH’s Wealth Management software products.

Founders Bruno Malca and Emmanuel Ermoire, (Finnerve) are former executives of renowned consulting firms with over 15 years of experience in deploying global financial technology solutions.

The founding partners understood that the BRITech platform had all the technical and functional requirements to meet any Wealth Manager or Multi-Family Office size in the region. Another key attribute was the SaaS business model where the monthly price is based on the size / volume of the customer and the contracted components.

“We have been working with BRITech for 6 months and the support for Finnerve as a franchisee is outstanding. Both in sales training, deployment and support, as well as the free tools provided for business management, project management and support, and Customer Success management. BRITECH has successfully developed a distribution franchise model that is really beneficial to the franchisee” says Bruno Malca from Finnerve.

In a few months, Finnerve has captured 10 customers, half of which is already in production and aims to reach 150 customers in two years.

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