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Why BRITech?

Companies choose BRITech for its breadth of platform functionality, hands-on support team, industry-leading customer satisfaction, unparalleled configurability, and flexible deployment models.

Intuitive design that delivers transformational change for business users

  • Increase Efficiency

    BRITech empowers your team to do more with less: handle more funds and more portfolios with less data entry and report creation.

  • Scale Capacity

    With our solution, clients have doubled or tripled their capacity and achieved aggressive business growth goals with streamlined solutions that minimize tedious, time-consuming, error-prone workloads.

  • Reduce Risk

    Leverage up-to-date market data, insightful analytics, and detailed drill-down reporting to identify risks, exposure, and opportunity.

  • Improve Investor Satisfaction

    Stay connected and keep your clients happy with intelligent reporting that is always up-to-date and available.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Fill functional white space where needed or replace a multi-package design with sole-platform simplicity.

A platform model that supports real-world business needs

  • Local Presence with Global Reach

    With offices worldwide, we provide local support to keep you running smoothly.

  • Reputation for Excellence

    Just ask our customers who have awarded us one of the highest NPS scores in the industry.

  • Faster Time to Value

    Projects are live in a few weeks, not a few months — all with a fixed cost structure.

  • Flexible Commercial Models

    Scalable solutions with flexible payment models to let you address urgent point problems while preserving cash.

  • Highly-Responsive Team

    Offering quick turnaround on development of new feature requests.

BRITech is an end-to-end investment management solution that blends efficiency, simplicity and flexibility into an online suite

Our solution fully supports the needs of both front and back office operations.
As a complete solution with open-ended configurability, BRITech is likely to be the last platform you’ll ever need.

Learn more today.

Schedule a demo and explore how the right reports, decision-enabling dashboards, and intelligent tools can help you drive growth and investor satisfaction.

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