Why BRITech?

Intuitive design that delivers transformational change for business users

Increase Efficiency

BRITech empowers your team to do more with less: handle more funds and more portfolios with less data entry and report creation.

Scale Capacity

With our solution, clients have doubled or tripled their capacity and achieved aggressive business growth goals with streamlined solutions that minimize tedious, time-consuming, error-prone workloads.

Reduce Risk

Leverage up-to-date market data, insightful analytics, and detailed drill-down reporting to identify risks, exposure, and opportunity.

Improve Investor Satisfaction

Stay connected and keep your clients happy with intelligent reporting that is always up-to-date and available.

Integrated Solutions

Fill functional white space where needed or replace a multi-package design with sole-platform simplicity.

A platform model that supports real-world business needs

  • Local Presence with Global Reach

    With offices worldwide, we provide local support to keep you running smoothly.

  • Reputation for Excellence

    Just ask our customers who have awarded us one of the highest NPS scores in the industry.

  • Faster Time to Value

    Projects are live in a few weeks, not a few months — all with a fixed cost structure.

  • Flexible Commercial Models

    Scalable solutions with flexible payment models to let you address urgent point problems while preserving cash.

  • Highly-Responsive Team

    Offering quick turnaround on development of new feature requests.

The BRITech Difference

Leading Edge Technology

Unlike competing platforms which place online facades over aging back-end infrastructure, BRITech was “born digital” and was designed from day one to provide the modern online and branded mobile experience demanded by both you and your clients.

Customer-Driven Suite

Our solution is customer-driven, with ongoing input guiding our technology roadmap and the latest proven technologies and evolving wealth management needs continuously incorporated into the design.From Rebalancing to Trade Order Management, Risk Assessment to CRM, and much more, BRITech is a complete wealth management suite.

A True Partner

We are always there for you, responsive to your needs and ready to deliver the exact wealth management experience you need to be successful. Our highly-responsive and deeply-experienced customer service team works closely with you to ensure that you get all the functionality, integration, visibility, reporting, and communication you need to grow your businesses and strengthen your relationships with your clients.

A Strong Client Experiencer

With BRITech, you stay connected to your clients through an intuitive, completely branded portal that includes integrated emailing and chat, scheduled report delivery, and customizable, secure dashboards that keep clients well-informed and up-to-date at all times.

Everything in One Place

Our solution is built as a suite of seamlessly integrated modules which ensures that you have everything you need in one place and nothing gets lost in translation. From custodian data and trades, to dashboards and customer reports, you get consistent flow of financial information and clear, accessible reporting that matches your online dashboards to accomplish your goals or support your clients’ needs.

Meet Your Exact Needs

BRITech’s streamlined displays are designed to emphasize only the information needed to analyze the current financial picture and enable strategic decision-making. While full detail is always available, this streamlined view of financial information is a welcome difference that avoids information overload. Choose from a large library of highly-configurable display widgets to create the exact dashboards and reports you and your clients desire.

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