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The best WealthTech offering solutions for the Investment Management ecosystem, present in 22 countries with more than 450 clients worldwide

Bulding together a Wealthy World

We collaborate with organizations, big and small, across the globe.

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Our solutions have been on the global stage since 2017, supported by 10+ partnerships around the world. We’d like to welcome you to our global team. Whether you are one person supporting wealth managers or an international company supporting cutting edge technology to the asset/wealth management industry, we want to hear from you.

We’ve achieved international recognition for our partnership work and are now going above and beyond to create our own standards for excellence through our unique partnership program.

This alliance of likeminded providers drives innovation and places continuous improvement at the heart of our customer experience. Put simply, our partners are an important part of BRITech’s team because they are critical to our customer success and successful service delivery.

Advantages and benefits

Why partner with BRITech?










Joining forces with BRITech enables you to achieve more results and profits.


We’re looking to partner with organizations or individuals with expertise in the investment management industry such as:


Who can leverage their own network in the field and find opportunities to bring BRITech’s expertise to the table.

Consultancy companies

That can add a broad range of technology for the investment management field to their service offerings

System integrators

That can make use of an API library to connect our use cases to your business

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

BRITechby the numbers

BRITech is a global WealthTech company that offers solutions for the Investment Management ecosystem with a SaaS business model and more than 450 clients in 22 countries, and over 120 dedicated full-time professionals, processing daily + USD 600 million AUC (Assets Under Control). Founded in 2012 as a service company (BRIT Services at the time), in 2014 the company was renamed BRITech and started the transition to a SaaS company with a focus on Investment Management. It operates in 4 fundamental pillars in the delivery of investment management solutions: experience, technology, productivity and excellence. Since 2015 BRITech is an investee of Oria Capital, Growth Equity for B2B technology companies, creating business continuity and innovation throughout the world.

  • 450+ Global Clients Large and small organizations
  • 1+ Million Processed positions per day
  • $600 Billion (USD) Assets under control
  • 24x7x365 Availability SaaS Business Model
  • Since 2014 Serving financial organizations
  • 22 Countries Supporting regional clients with global reach

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