Investor Portal

Improve investor satisfaction with a best-in-class digital experience.

Investor Portal

Improve investor satisfaction with a best-in-class digital experience.

Powerful & highly-customizable dashboard platform for your investors.

Powerful & highly-customizable dashboard platform for your investors.

Investor Portal enables you to create dashboards in minutes, leverage automation, and improve your service to keep investors up-to-date conveniently and securely across any device.



Showcase Your Brand with White Label Configurability

Investor Portal includes integrated white label support to let you represent your brand (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) in all client interactions, offline and on.​

Deliver Automated Statements by Email

Statements can be generated automatically with a configurable periodicity and sent by email to all your investors.​

Create Personalized Dashboards for Different Kinds of Investors

With BRITech Investor Portal, you can create general investor dashboards for all clients and unique, segmented dashboards that deliver a personalized experience for each type of investor or individual investor.​

Provide Self-Service Dashboards 24×7

Investor Portal dashboards are always available and up to date, allowing investors to stay connected and analyze information for any period.​

Send Automated Emails for Financial Events

Configure the portal to send financial information by email such as coupon payments.​

Create Up-to-Date Investor Dashboards in Minutes

Create always-up-to-date dashboards for your investors in a few minutes. Using our library of over 200 pre-configured reports, you can quickly drag and drop exactly what you need to build a dashboard in a few clicks.​

Add Supporting Analysis in Your Statements

Share additional information, such as market analysis, through an intuitive text editor (text, tables, etc.).​

Manage Investor Documents

Leverage an online document repository organized into folders. Upload contracts, invoices, and all kinds of investor documents to let your clients access them at any time. In addition, all statements generated by the platform can be saved in the repository automatically.​

SaaS Investment Management with a Difference

Explore the platform that brings efficiency, simplicity and flexibility
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Leon Capital

“We recognize that BRITech had great knowledge and experience in the wealth management environment – which meant we would not have the same risk we had with our previous external vendor. ”

Roberto Barba

Managing Partner

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