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Family Offices

Single & Multi

In a connected world, it is imperative to have modern, scalable and flexible solutions in order to fulfill all the needs required from demanding family members.

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SaaS Investment Management with a Difference

Use Cases

Family Office use cases: serving your customer better

Simplified Workflow

Forget about spreadsheets and manually tying together information from disparate systems. Our platform is highly customizable and can be tailored to how you want to operate. Simplify workflow and reduce administration overhead with our portfolio accounting functions and our easy-to-understand dashboard. Our robust rebalancing and compliance engine make it a breeze to recompose your portfolio whenever it is needed.

Data Aggregation

Timely insights depend heavily on being able to collect all the information relating to your family portfolios. By compiling data across multiple sources, including custodians, banks and held away accounts, our platform will consolidate it into a single portfolio, allowing for a centralized view. Information on performance, portfolio deviation, comparison against benchmarks, cash flow and other metrics become readily accessible at your fingertips, either through the dashboard or via our mobile version.

Family Structures

By allowing and automating the process of creating chained family structures, we are able to cross multiple generations and provide detailed information for each household or single entity as needed. Once the family structure has been set, it is straightforward to query information through the dashboard or by specific reports on a case by case basis.

What do our customers say?

"One of the results was the quality in the information sent to the client and the trust in what was reported."

Gustavo Trocoli CEO

"We expect a great long-term partnership and we believe that BRITech will be prepared to provide technological and service support to support the expansion of our business."

Gustavo Bolognesi Controller Manager

About Family Offices

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