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Wealth Management

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How does BRITech support your wealth management goals?

Wealth Management use cases: serving your customer better

Offshore Funds Shareholders' Control

The control of shareholders of offshore funds comprises:
control of umbrella funds with their various classes and series, hard and soft lockup processes, holdback, series rollup and quota disclosure controls in a periodicity other than daily and monthly.

Structured Funds Shareholders' Control

The control of structured fund shareholders must respect some parameters:
different series, share values of each series, profitability and taxation consistent with each type of fund and management of the number of shareholders, to preserve tax benefits.

Control of Liquid Funds Portfolios

The services for controlling shareholders (controlling liabilities) of investment funds include:
booking of shares; nominative registration of the holders of such shares; registration of movements and events involving such quotas; calculation and withholding of taxes; provision of information to regulatory bodies and information to shareholders.

Gross Up

Comparison of assets against a benchmark and/or other investment options is made based on the expected gross return.

Incentivized assets that have some type of exemption have their profitability estimated based on the "gross-up" in which the tax benefit increases gross profitability.

Investment Portfolio

A managed portfolio or a consolidated portfolio is created to demonstrate the global profitability, gross and net of taxes.

From this consolidation, it is also possible to demonstrate the gross-up profitability of incentivized bonds to make it easier for the client to compare investment options and evaluate past performance by comparing similar conditions.

Book of Reports and
Dashboard for Clients

Generation of report books with the consolidated view of the portfolio, graphical or tabular view of consolidated positions by class and by asset, movement statement by period and by asset, including cash and return statements with the respective comparatives.

Availability in a query portal (or via webservices) for dynamic data visualization.

Consolidation of On/Offshore Portfolios

Consolidating positions and operating histories presents several challenges. When we include operations in different places and currencies, the difficulties of comparison and calculation of profitability increase.

Consolidation into portfolios and simultaneous assessment of profitability in different currencies, compared to different benchmarks, can be carried out according to management needs.

Investment Funds Mirroring

In this daily process, the movement, valuation of assets, classification, control of expenses, revenues and quota fluctuations are replicated in the manager's environment and reconciled with the data sent by the administrator.

Legal and Managerial Portfolio Framework

The new control procedures and legal requirements oblige the fund manager to monitor the book entry controls carried out by the administrators and custodians, and may use portfolio mirroring, replicating the data sent by the administrator in the manager's environment.

The system allows the creation of end-of-day framing rules or simulations during the day to ensure compliance with legal and managerial requirements.

Multiple Current Accounts Control

More and more financial asset distributors are now managing their clients' checking accounts and investment portfolios at different institutions and in different places and currencies, regardless of whether the client has a managed or consolidated portfolio, or simply trades in securities.

Mark to Market

Marking to market allows you to know how much you would receive today if you sold the respective asset, be it fixed income, variable income, derivatives or other.

This process is essential for investment funds and also in managed portfolios or individualized investments.

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing or Backoffice Outsourcing) services are formatted and treated in accordance with legislation, regulations and best market practices.

The activities contemplated are: Data collection and Inclusion of Operations; Daily Portfolio Processing; Data Validation and Availability.

What do our customers say?

"Pilotage Investments, since its foundation, has prioritized the simplification of its operating environment. Thus, its entire infrastructure is based on cloud processing and the ATLAS platform fits perfectly into this strategy."

Alexandre Fraga Managing Partner

"We analyzed several systems and chose Atlas PAS for its technical qualities and the relevance of the current partners. BRITech's reputation as a technology provider was decisive. The system will be fundamental to support the manager's growth."

Ed Saito Risk Officer

"BRITech competed with 3 systems, but from the beginning we came to the conclusion that BRITech would be the best system in all aspects, from cost to robustness"

Fernanda Martins Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

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