BRITech and ESG: Innovation with purpose

BRITech and ESG: Innovation with purpose


BRITech is one of the most prominent platforms to offer an Asset-Wealth-Management-as-a-Service solution by providing a unique software solution that meets the needs of a wide range of players in the investment management industry, such as family offices, wealth management, assets, brokers, distributors, and fund administrators. BRITech positions itself as a one-stop-shop, modular, and fast-for-implementation product, the go-to solution for players in the investment management industry.

How it Works

BRITech’s solution integrates more than 30 features, ranging from trade order management, risk evaluation, portfolio and investor management, structuring and, compliance to reporting and analytics and a powerful investor portal. All of that is based on a 4-pillar structure where integration to financial sources, a customer success team, a customer support team, and API layer integration play a huge role in guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly and securely.

The platform is flexible, operating in a multi-currency and multi-language system, and adaptable, providing complete orders workflow and automatic rebalancing instruments. It also helps clients with customizable reports and portfolio analysis in a single secured place, plus complete customer profiles with customizable questions, including KYC, onboarding process, and others. In order to better manage risks and adapt to the client’s profile, BRITech’s solution can be set to configure the exposure and sensitivity to various risk factors with parametric and non-parametric models.

Investment Overview

BRITech’s proprietary technology platform supports a faster implementation process when compared with industry standards. It directly impacts the small players in the market, an underserved segment where there is less control of the processes and a greater need for better information visualization. It propels the productivity of asset and wealth managers, further increasing worker productivity. Recent new market regulations (such as the new RIA regulation) are growth avenues for BRITech, which already complies with and offers dedicated products covering it.


By helping those small players to guarantee their data integrity and better manage their investments, BRITech acts as a catalyzer for increased governance in a subsector that usually lacks the resources to implement strong guidelines and processes. As for governance, the world watched big companies almost collapse due to poor governance standards recently. Financial companies, the core of BRITech clients, can sometimes run with small teams, and the corporate compliance tasks can sometimes be overlooked as the staff is allocated to other activities. With BRITech, legal and operational risks can be securely monitored and reduced by keeping track of portfolios and shareholders.

BRITech contributes to a sustainable world by providing financial software that improves productivity for the investment ecosystem, reducing transactional costs for investment managers and investors. BRITech also has the potential to be a Brazilian Fintech-Infra leader and to create quality jobs and inclusion while addressing gender inequality.

BRITech is a technology platform that provides customers with compliance to local regulations since its implementation. This makes it easier for nascent asset managers to obtain regulatory approval quickly while also helping established players avoid issues with regulators.

With more than 30 features tailored specifically for the financial market, BRITech enables its clients to manage everything from trade order management to investor reporting through a secure and reliable investor portal. This end-to-end management cycle for asset managers and wealth managers provides a comprehensive overview of their operations, ensuring greater efficiency and transparency.

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