Brasil Plural / Banco Genial


“Menus facilitate interaction with users and we have security through the segregation of duties. Processing speed is now 10x faster.”

Rodrigo Godoy
Resource Management Director

Brasil Plural / Banco Genial

Brasil Plural / Banco Genial

Fast processing of positions and movements

The functional scope of the platform, including control of portfolios, shareholders, classification, accounting, information for regulatory bodies and the ability to integrate the communication channels with end customers (internal or external) provided better conditions to optimize the entire operational process with regard to the management of Brasil Plural’s investment funds.

Previously using a TOTVS solution composed of 7 different systems, the Atlas platform was implemented by BRITech through electronic data loading in a fast and agile way.

Brasil Plural’s technology area analyzed the conditions of security, availability and capacity, among other aspects, and opted for the cloud as it would allow greater gains in scale in our IT and business activities. The cloud environment allows access to applications regardless of the operating system or desktop equipment used on the workstation. The user also does not need to worry about the structure to run the application – hardware, backup procedures, security control, maintenance, among others.

Positive Factors

  • Optimized processing time by 10x over previous platform.
  • Quality and product and capital market knowledge of BRITech professionals.
  • Agile team in search of solutions and support to users.

The Challenge

The need for a more agile, scalable and functionally comprehensive platform to control liquid and structured funds managed by Brasil Plural.

The Client

Brasil Plural is a multiple bank focused on structured finance operations, financial advisory and asset management. The Bank has a strong presence in the Distressed Assets and Real Estate market, and has a unique capacity to distribute products from all its areas of activity in wholesale and retail. The fiduciary administration activity of the Brasil Plural group is offered through Geração Futuro, a company 100% owned by the Bank.

The Solution

Fund Administrator Module


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