M.Safra & Co.

M.Safra & Co.

“We expect a great long-term partnership and we believe that BRITech will be prepared to provide technological and service support to support the expansion of our business.”

Gustavo Bolognesi

M.Safra & Co.

M.Safra & Co.

Technology, performance and cost-effectiveness

The choice of the Atlas PAS system (installed in the cloud) from BRITech to be used in the Back and Middle Office areas of M. Safra & Co. was influenced by the possibility of providing more processing speed. Basically, the asset was looking for a technology that brought more performance with a good cost-benefit ratio.

After an “organized, practical and fast” implementation – with a satisfactory parallel period – Atlas PAS made the processing and checking of M. Safra & Co. fund portfolios more agile and with adequate technical support.

Positive Factors

  • • User-friendly interface for system use.
  • • Good processing speed.
  • • Ease of parameterization.
  • • Quick and organized deployment.
  • • Confidence in the service tool, which helps a lot in controlling calls and in team interaction.

The Challenge

M. Safra & Co was looking for a system that would bring more agility and quality in the processing and verification of fund portfolios. The management objective has always been to generate results above the variation of the benchmark index in the long term.

The Client

M. Safra & Co. started its activities in 1998 and its main objective is to act as an investment fund manager and securities portfolio management. It operates in various segments of the financial and capital markets, including, but not limited to, fixed and variable income, currencies, credit, structured products and merchandise.

The Solution

Family & Wealth Module


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