BRITech and 3rd-eyes analytics partners to revolutionize Wealth Planning Solutions

BRITech and 3rd-eyes analytics partners to revolutionize Wealth Planning Solutions

BRITech, a leading investment management technology provider, announces its strategic partnership with 3rd-eyes analytics, a well-respected expert in hyper-personalized and sustainable wealth planning software solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the financial industry, bringing together cutting-edge technologies and unmatched expertise.

Through this partnership with 3rd-eyes, BRITech’s users gain access to award-winning forward-looking wealth planning, analysis around financial goals and life events, simulation and optimization methodologies that supports investors to achieve their life goals amidst economic and environmental uncertainties.

Together, they also provide lead generation conversion assistance, and support for improving or replacing existing advisory processes.

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, investors are increasingly seeking personalized services that align with their financial goals and sustainability ambitions. According to the EY Wealth Management Report 2021, 72% of clients are willing to share their financial goals, provided they receive customized services in return. Additionally, 78% of these client’s express sustainability goals.

Recognizing these evolving client expectations, BRITech and 3rd-eyes are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the industry’s growing demands.

“Our alliance with 3rd-eyes aligns seamlessly with our commitment to global innovation and enhanced efficiency in investment management”, said Antonio Neri, BRITech’s General Manager for EMEA. “Integrating 3rd-eyes analytics into our Wealth Management solutions equips financial institutions with a powerful tool for wealth and life planning, enabling them to deliver superior services to their customers.”

“We are excited to partner with BRITech to deliver the most advanced sustainable wealth planning and simulation software solutions to the market”, says Stephanie Feigt, Co-Founder and CEO of 3rd-eyes. “Our combined expertise will allow us to provide financial institutions with the tools they need to deliver personalized, sustainable, and innovative services to their clients.”

Looking to learn more? Join for free in our Webinar on October 4, where our specialists will explain in details about the solution and how it works.

About BRITech:

BRITech is a trailblazing SaaS tech company in the investment management industry. Launched in 2012 as a service company, BRITech has since evolved into a key wealth player in Brazil and has widened its reach to an impressive 22 countries across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

The company’s investment management solutions are built on four crucial pillars: experience, technology, productivity, and excellence. With BRITech’s cutting-edge technology, customers can proficiently manage their financial assets, enjoying a comprehensive set of top-tier features across various platforms.

BRITech’s suite of solutions caters to an extensive clientele base, including family offices, fund administrators, brokers and distributors, custodians, and outsourcing firms. For a more detailed look into their offerings and operations, visit our website at

About 3rd-eyes analytics:

3rd-eyes is a leading provider of sustainable and hyper-personalized wealth planning and analytical software solutions. With a strong focus on individualized, realistic, and sustainable advice, 3rd-eyes empowers clients to simulate and visualize the impact of wealth development. By offering comprehensive tools that align with clients’ financial goals and sustainability ambitions, 3rd-eyes enhances the investment experience while considering climate change and its effects. With a commitment to continuous innovation, 3rd-eyes delivers advanced solutions that optimize strategic asset allocation and enable financial institutions to meet the evolving demands of their clients. For more information, please visit


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