Trends in Global Wealth Management Industry

02/10/2021 By Yuryi Ferber

Simplifying Investment Management with SaaS

Our CEO, Yuryi Ferber, brought BRITech to Banking CIO Outlook’s magazine!

Quoting Yuryi, “being a customer-centric company is part of the core principles we follow at BRITech, and we ensure customer satisfaction by providing a platform for their specific needs”, it summarizes our approach towards the market and guarantees the evolution of our performance.

The wealth management industry is digitizing at breakneck speed, while companies simultaneously seek improvements in customer experience, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance: the right technology can create clear competitive advantages.

Learn more about the trends and challenges that we are witnessing in the wealth management market through interaction with our global customer base:

Banking CIO Outlook

About the author:

Yuryi Ferber

Founder and CEO of BRITech, he has over 20 years of experience and is an authority in the Brazilian technology sector.

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