Pilotage Investments


“Pilotage Investimentos, since its foundation, prioritizes the simplification of its operating environment. Thus, its entire infrastructure is based on cloud processing and the ATLAS platform fits perfectly into this strategy.”

Alexandre Fraga
Partner/Director Pilotage Investimentos

Pilotage Investments

Pilotage Investments

Consolidated view of each customer

Pilotage Investimentos needed to process its managed portfolios outside the business platforms of the brokers with which it carries out transactions, in order to obtain a consolidated view of each client and also check the results presented in each of the environments.

The partnership with Britech has been, so far, excellent. All our observations and orders have received due attention, treatment and delivery within the agreed deadlines. In addition, Britech has always been proactive in its attitudes, always looking for a position very close to our operation and making itself available for any type of support

Positive Factors

  • • Ease of use and accuracy in calculations involving the most diverse products in the valuation of portfolios have been the highlights of the ATLAS platform.
  • • The quality and promptness shown by the support team deserves to be highlighted on our part.
  • • Very smooth implementation process
  • • Phased planning for implementation of portfolios, fully adherent to the company’s day-to-day activities

Results Achieved

• The main gain obtained by the company was the reduction of back office activities

• Greater security regarding the values presented by the various products that make up the managed customer portfolios.

The Client

Pilotage Investimentos is an independent asset manager founded in 2015, duly registered with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, with the specific objective of helping Families and Individuals to manage the complexity of their assets, without conflicts of interest of any kind.
It only operates in the management of managed portfolios, not having its own funds or managing third-party funds

The Solution



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