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Managing a mountain of financial data is not why you took this job. 

Financial Professionals are faced with the challenge of managing huge volumes of data. Manual processing of this data is time consuming and often error prone. Without a specialized data management and reporting engine, scaling up the process is impossible. Additionally, there is no audit trail available for manual processing.

If firms try to solve this with in-house system integration, it can take weeks or months of set up and testing before it can go live. And, the initial set up cost can be steep and change management adds further to the initial set up cost and effort. As the business grows, new interfaces may need to be added, further adding to the cost and effort.

We now have more data to support analyzing the portfolios, which means that we can make more data available to our clients through the website or the mobile applications.

Pablo García-Drake, COO, Varianza

Transform to seamless integration, with everything in one place, always up-to-date when you and your investor clients need it.

Seamlessly incorporate up-to-date custodian data into your investment management platform. ​With an ever-expanding list of integrations, we safely and securely pull custodian data into a single investor snapshot, enabling you to provide informed decision-making and strategic guidance.



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Offering the advantages of proven integration technology, accessible and transparent pricing, fast deployment, safe and secure access, and error-free results, BRITech’s Data Aggregation solution delivers right out of the gate.

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