8 Lead Generation Tips For Investment Managers

8 Lead Generation Tips For Investment Managers

8 Lead Generation Tips For Investment Managers

Generating quality leads is a difficult accomplishment regardless of the industry you’re in. Most financial advisors find this particularly challenging, especially when generating a consistent stream of prospect clients. Even moreso, traditional strategies are proving to no longer be as effective in the modern world as they once were a few years ago.

In this article, we will outline which tactics are best in generating and nurturing leads that ultimately help convert them into long-lasting clients. Focusing on these tips will play a critical role in increasing your revenue for the year as well as opening up your time efficiency. Before getting ahead, we will first touch on which traditional and overvalued strategies could be limiting your success.

Which Overvalued Lead Generation Tactics You Should Say Goodbye To:

With all there is to focus on under your financial service offerings, it’s understandable that seeking new clients can fall to the side. This can particularly be true when you’re quick to rely on tactics that are outdated and prove to be ineffective.

One of the main reasons for the lack of results that traditional outreach produces is simply because people aren’t responding to marketing as they once did. In a digital world that is surrounded by marketing content, the focus is no longer on the sell but rather on the value brands or services can bring to their potential clients. This marketing concept is no different for investment managers.

A sure way to build a strong base of clients that continues to grow to look an instilling trust within your outreach methods. The more your potential client trusts you, the better your chances will be of converting them to your roster. With this in mind, it’s clear to see why commonly used outreach plans aren’t bringing in the results you’d like to see.

These overvalued lead generation tactics are mostly made up of:

  • Cold calling
  • Spam mail
  • Magazine, TV or radio ads
  • Contentless websites

Although these methods can increase your reach, they fail to bring in results.

8 Effective Lead Generation Tips For Investment Managers:

Now that we’ve covered what investment managers shouldn’t do, let’s take a look at how lead generation can become your best form of client retention.

Get Active on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for any business. It presents a real opportunity to stay connected with your audience. This gives investment managers the chance to build a solid community of like-minded individuals while promoting your service offering. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn come highly recommended due to the fact that these users are highly engaged and are more likely to aline with your ideal client.

Build a Professional Website

A professional website isn’t one that solely contains your business information. In fact, it goes beyond this and acts as a showcase for both your portfolio and capabilities. Think of your website as your digital calling card – it has to show off your best assets.

A financial advisor’s website should include information regarding the available services, a bio page, and the necessary contact information. Following this, blog content should be created around your clients’ pain points as well as financial interests. Lastly, the website design should follow a theme that’s clean, contemporary, and easy to navigate. It should also be optimized for mobile and regularly updated to ensure that your content remains relevant.

Share Your Knowledge

One of the most effective methods of lead generation is to offer your expertise for free. Emails and other contact information can easily be gathered through the use of free guide downloads, webinars, and reports.

With this strategy, it’s vital that an effective call-to-action is used to get users to download or sign up for your free resource. We recommend leading with your client’s main pain point and offering a clear solution to that problem.

Start Blogging

Blogging isn’t only a way for investment managers to provide value to their website and clients, but it also is a great strategy to work on your SEO. Having your webpage rank on the likes of Google can dramatically increase your chances of generating leads and converting clients. When people search for keywords relating to their problem and come into contact with your solution, this immediately builds trust and authority for your financial services.

Utilize Paid Online Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are currently dominating the advertising industry due to their success rates. Financial advisors can take advantage of these ads by having their content placed right in front of those searching for relatable keywords or with the same interests. However, these ads can be expensive and having a firm targeting strategy is key.

Host Workshops

In-person events are extremely effective in establishing connections by engaging and interacting with your prospects face-to-face. Leads can be generated through these educational workshops and you can even look at charging a small fee to make it an affordable option too. The people who attend these events are those who are looking to better their current financial position which makes them an ideal candidate for your investment services.

Nurture Word of Mouth

An investment manager’s greatest tool is their current client list. Clients who have already witnessed your skill and expertise are best for promoting your service as it comes from first-hand experience. This is probably the best way to build trust with a future client and have them convert to your business.

Use an Effective CRM System

CRM platforms can be an investment manager’s secret weapon in generating valuable leads. For this reason, Britech understands the needs of our clients to manage both relationships and their portfolio in one space. With our CRM function, users can grow their email list, customise their client onboarding process with a flexible workflow feature, and ensure that their clients’ needs are always met. To learn more about our software, we have a page dedicated to investment management.


Final Thoughts

In today’s digital world, the concept of lead generation goes beyond cold calling and placing an ad in a magazine. For investment managers to keep up with a competitive market, adapting these strategies can elevate your services above your competitors and increase your client list.


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