Risk Evaluation

Market Value at Risk, Stress Scenarios, Liquidity Risk

With robust rebalancing and compliance monitoring features included, BRITech streamlines and simplifies your entire trade process.

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SaaS Investment Management with a Difference

Integration to Financial Sources
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Use Cases

What we can do for your business needs

Asset pricing, strategies and portfolios with allowing for consolidation.

Exposure and sensitivity to various risk factors configurable with parametric and non-parametric models.

Simulation of real-time operations with customizable stress scenarios.

Automatic consolidation each time an invested fund is changed by the manager.

Pre- & Post-Trade Compliance

Native integration with all other BRITech modules.

What do our customers say?

"Anyone who does not have a complete solution like BRITech's covering processes, mitigating risks, generating efficiency and bringing a security to growth is not going to survive"

Paulo Marchi Managing Partner

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Risk Evaluation Reports Big Data Analysis

Benchmarking, Tracking Error and analysis of hundreds of portfolios per minute. Bespoken Reports and Global Data Coverage.

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