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Firms such as custodians, brokers and outsourcing companies are always seeking ways to help their clients, financial advisers and asset managers be more successful. Many are increasingly turning to technology as a way of differentiating their services. Pivolt can be a valuable partner in helping to make that difference.

Enterprises Value Proposition

Pivolt’s cloud-based components can be easily integrated with other software. We are experts in extending functionality quickly and adapting our features to suit any process flow.

Our components can be “white-labelled” to conform to the look-and-feel of any firm. A competitive distinction is that our applications are multi-currency and multi-lingual. Whether it is to fill a gap in your portfolio of technology offerings, or to respond quickly to new opportunities in the market, contact BRITech for a solution.

If we cannot provide what you need from the components in our platform, we will customize a solution for you, quickly and inexpensively. We stand by our quality, time-to-market for delivery, and price competitiveness. See for yourself that Pivolt indeed provides the best value-for-the-money for your IT dollar.

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