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BRITech Portfolio Management

Modernize Your Value Chain.

Reach the next level with our world-class solution offering the best cost-benefit ratio. Our built-in capabilities and features let you leverage automation to create value quickly.

  • Commercial Management

    The features you and your team need to manage and follow the development of business opportunities. Fees for internal and external advisors are calculated automatically.

  • Digital Onboarding

    We take a holistic view towards client engagement and data collection with features to deliver a simple and personalized onboarding experience covering profiling, KYC, AML, and more.

  • Investor Relationship Management

    Streamline and manage all communications with your investors with centralized investor information.

  • Automate Your Rebalancing

    Leverage our built-in automated rebalancing capabilities, generating orders (buys and sells) for all your portfolios.

  • Order Management

    Execute your orders from the BRITech platform and get real-time monitoring. Receive and allocate the confirmation automatically.

  • Compliance Rules

    Powerful and flexible engine to configure all your compliance rules, letting you activate workflows and alerts.

  • Adapts Easily to Your Business

    BRITech was built with maximum flexibility to configure the ideal solution to deliver the best value for your collaborators and clients. Multi-language, multicurrency, flexible portfolios structures, support alternative assets, and more.

  • Automate Data Capture

    Gain efficiency by automating data capture from any data provider, such as custodians or price feeders. BRITech integrates via API with many solutions, simplifying your process.

  • Analytics & Dashboards

    Use an intuitive drag and drop interface to build a data visualization. Create dashboards in minutes with our 200+ pre-built specialized report widgets. All reports are configurable to let you share your unique corporate brand and value.

  • Portfolio Valuation

    Powerful engine to perform valuation with several methodologies. Very good performance: more than 1000 portfolios in less than 10 minutes.

  • Perform Corporate Event Calculations

    Load positions from custodians, including corporate events, leveraging BRITech’s data aggregation capabilities. Or, configure all assets and let BRITech calculate all corporate events and positions. Interests, coupons, etc. will be automatically calculated and reflected in the portfolios. You can then reconcile positions against your custodians.

  • Automate Your Fees Calculations

    Automate all your fees rules and perform all the related calculations automatically.

We are very comfortable with the architecture we have now. The backend, all-in-one solution that was developed for us by the BRITech team last year helps us to centralize data and send data to all of the platforms that we use by API connections. This ultimately lets our client interaction be faster and friendlier, helping us drive customer loyalty.

Eduardo Gálvez
CCO and Co-Founder | Zest Capital

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