Structuring & Compliance

Protect your portfolio management with structuring & compliance integration, monitoring, and automation for shareholders' meetings

BRITech Structuring & Compliance

Monitor Your Activity to Ensure Compliance.

BRITech Structuring & Compliance enables you to integrate the governance structuring and compliance of investments under your management, reduce legal and operational risks, and keep track of your portfolios and shareholders.

  • Structuring processes electronic check

  • Legacy and compliance systems integration without manual intervention

  • Legal agenda monitoring of investments and their participants

  • Convey structuring & compliance status at shareholder meetings with automated reporting

  • Scalability of structuring processes

  • Complete tracking of registered vehicles and shareholders

BRITech is the very center of our business architecture. We believe in the product and in the solution for the future of our operation.

Thierry Battistini
CFO | Julius Baer

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