Trade Order Management

Integrated trade blotter with real-time positions & cashflow, rebalancing, compliance

BRITech Trade Order Management

Intuitive Trade Order Management

Our Trade Order Management module is an integrated trade blotter with real-time positions & cashflow, rebalancing, compliance. Key features include coverage of multiple asset types (equities, fixed income, funds, derivatives), IBOR, real time positions, cash-flow, Profit & Loss, full integration with main brokers beyond Fix Protocols.

  • Complete Orders Workflow

    Registration, approval, transference, process.

  • Automatic Rebalancing Tools

    Leverage integrated rebalancing with a simple mouse click.

  • Compliance

    Portfolio compliance monitoring in real-time.

  • Stay Organized with Hierarchical Views

    Custom hierarchical structures for any dimensional view (strategy, book, category, industry, issuer).

  • Track Progress

    Follow your strategies’ results from a dashboard or through the reports it generates.

  • Automatically-Updated Market Data

    Make decisions and track progress with always up-to-date market data.

We now have more data to support analyzing the portfolios, which means that we can make more data available to our clients through the website or the mobile applications.

Pablo Garcia Drake
COO | Varianza

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